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SERRALUNGA Hal 9000 called – he wants his furnishings back.  Mod Livin’ loves this line of Italian furnishings! It has a lunar and alien aesthetic.  It is beautiful, haunting and eerie.  The pieces are made to last outdoors, but are just as comfortable inside. 

This line features luxury furniture and furnishings designed for Serralunga by famous designers from all over the world.  Serralunga uses state of the art production techniques to insure quality, which gives you pieces that will last and be shared between generations.  

The soft glow of their light up pieces will make your home or garden glow like a full moon.  The Meteor Line is especially unique.  Besides being multi-functional as a table or bench, it resembles a glowing meteor sitting in your yard or home.  Add the Crystal Moon Floor Lamp to your space with its lunar and celestial glow, and you will feel like you really are on another planet. 

Serralunga has many different pieces:  Pendant lights, sofas, tables, and their famous planters which, also, glow.  Check out the “Hug Sofa”….A beautifully functional product with a big personality, “Hug” is a comfortable sofa designed using long-lasting materials and finishes, and it is suitable for indoor or outdoor use.  Serralunga has forged a new frontier using plastics as thoughtful and beautiful items for your home or garden. 




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