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Time, time, time…Mod Livin’ knows you hear the ticking of time.  Don’t we all?  We think it should be immortalized on your wall or bedside table by an ultra hip and ultra swanky George Nelson Clock by Vitra.


The Vitra Design Museum takes design seriously.  George Nelson is a god among men in the design world.   Vitra’s clocks are produced from the original design documents from the Nelson archive with the blessings of the George Nelson estate.


The iconic George Nelson “Sunburst” and “Ball” clocks are favorites among Mid-Century Modern enthusiasts.  There are varied options available of these timeless and instantly recognizable designs. George Nelson’s swanky Night Clock in crystal and heavy brass is a retro wonder.   The sculptural nature of all the Vitra Clocks make them works of art as well as functional time pieces.


Visit Mod Livin’ to see the collection of high quality and highly hip styles of the Vitra George Nelson Clocks.



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