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  • Colfax Showroom | 5327 East Colfax Ave. Denver CO 80220

    RiNo Showroom | 2936 Larimer Street Denver CO 80205
  • Colfax Hours: M-S 10-6 closed Sundays

    RiNo Hours: M-S 11-7 closed Sundays
  • Phone: 720 941 9292
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Everyone knows the quickest way to make (or break) the scene is lighting.  If you need to unwind after a long day and prop up with a book beside a modern table lamp, are trying desperately to find the earring which just rolled under the couch, or are fine-tuning ambiance for a dinner party with a modern pendant; your lighting should follow your meticulous modern style.  You’ve worked too hard on your modern home to let the lighting fall short.  George Nelson Bubble Lamps are a perfect solution for the mid-century modern lover; or try Pablo on for size.  Don’t worry, friends, the buck doesn’t stop there.  We have modern lighting fixtures for days.  Peruse the best modern lighting now!




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