Bombshells and Bombers:  The Art of The Pin Up Girl

Bombshells and Bombers: The Art of The Pin Up Girl

Published by Shawn on Jul 1st 2016

The awesome Aircraft and Bombers of WWII were the perfect backdrop for the scantily clad, and amazingly gorgeous girls featured on their nose art. It was not sanctioned by the military, but because of the boost in morale to the troops, it became a common practice. Not many of the original artists are known today, but that really wasn't the point. It was a way to remember their sweethearts back home, and a way to recognize an aircrew. Everyone knew who was in the cockpit or in the crew when they saw the iconic “Memphis Belle” parked on the flight deck or lined up in flight with the air assault. 

Some of the renderings were depictions of actual beauties on the home front - sweethearts left behind, and some were creations based on the risqué and luxe artistry of Alberto Varga and Gil Elvgren.

The Varga and Elvgren girls were iconic, edgy, and sexy. Some were nudes, and, obviously, not for prime time. They were reserved for “men’s” magazines and playing cards. The clothed girls, though not technically risqué, still delivered the sexy nuance of the nudes, but with a PG rating. Their calendars were a staple in auto mechanic garages for decades. 

The artists conveyed the "girl next door” and the “wolf in sheep's clothing” in beautiful fashion and artistry. Men and women both can appreciate the surreal, yet realistic, images these men created. 

An authentic and original work by these masters is not attainable to most people. Thankfully, reprints are readily available. The images are nostalgic, yet timeless. They evoke feelings of pride, patriotism, happy times, longing, and love.

It’s an election year - I know, I know....there is no getting away from it!  Mod Livin' wants you to get out and vote!  It's an unbelievable privilege, and we are blessed to live in the USA. With that in mind, I’ll leave you with this iconic and timely image: