It's more than just a chair!

Nov 27th 2015


The year was 1963.

The designer was Finnish designer Eero Aarnio.
The product was the Ball Chair.

When Aarnio first came up with the concept of this evolutionary chair, he said he was looking for what shape would work best with fiberglass and plastic. Many critics claimed that the chair was just another part of space designs that had been presenting themselves after the launch of the circular Sputnik. Aarnio said that did not inspire him at all rather he was just trying to figure out a chair that could act as a quiet space for people to go and from that he developed the Ball Chair. Made from fiberglass, plastic and fabric, this unique space was used in many sci-fi movies in the 1960's and has come to be an icon for Finnish designs, probably the greatest piece of furniture to come from Finland.

With just a bit of luck, we have come to acquire one of these rare beauties in the store and it is for sale. Stop by ModLivin if you have a minute even if it is just to sit in this unique beauty to experience what it is like to have a Ball Chair embrace your person.

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