It's That Time Of Year....

It's That Time Of Year....

Published by Shawn on Apr 22nd 2016

Free Couch!!!!

Graduations. You - or your baby - are moving on. Going to school, or getting a job (yes!). It’s a rite of passage that, typically, includes hand me down furniture, thrift store finds, or even a “free’” sign on a spectacularly ugly floral loveseat perched on the curb. I am not belittling...believe me - I’ve been there, and done that! Living in small-town Nebraska, I didn’t have access to anything as wonderful as Mod Livin’.

Whether it’s a dorm room, a tiny studio apartment, or a sprawling rambler (with 12 of your closest friends), Mod Livin’ has the furniture to get you started in style. Affordable, modern, and small-space-friendly.

For a small space, you need multi-functional furniture: The ottoman that stores your video games; The dining table that doubles as your work space; The bed that contains a dresser; The sofa that is a bed. Imagine a small sectional, or a swanky little sofa in your new home….the best part about having your first place, is coming home at the end of a long day of work or classes. Now, imagine that first pad furnished with help from Mod Livin'.

Just because your little one is setting out on their own for the first time, doesn’t mean they have to be subjected to the horror of “gently used furniture”. Now...some of you are truly blessed, and have access to some amazing hand me downs and thrift store finds, but for the rest of us Mod Livin’ is here to help. I will highlight some of my faves (I’ll share some cool accessories, too), but to really see what we have to offer, check out, or stop in the showroom.

Gus Modern Mimico Storage Ottoman

This Storage Ottoman is a multipurpose wonder!  In your entry way as a great place to drop your keys and take off your shoes, in the living room as a coffee table and storage area for magazines and remote controls, in the bedroom as a fantastic place to drop your robe and get ready to hit the hay.

Gus Modern Stanley Console Table

The Stanley Console Table is another multi-functional piece of furniture for your small space.  It is perfect in any room of your home where you are in need of additional display or table space.  It has a minimal footprint and brings an unusual and modern touch to small space living.

Gus Modern Portage Extension Table

We love the Portage Extension Table.  It is ideal for a small dining area, but can easily be extended for the largest of gatherings.  The extensions quickly store under the table, which means you don't need to worry about finding a place to store them.

Mash Studios Laxseries Storage Bed

Small studio apartment or bedroom?  No worries.  This gorgeous bed has drawers built in to the platform base.  No need for a dresser.  Your bedroom is your sanctuary.  Keep it uncluttered and stylishly modern.

Modernica Case Study Daybed Couch

The Case Study Daybed Couch is perfect for your new space.  A comfortable couch that easily converts to a sleeping area.  It has a decidedly retro and MCM vibe.  The unique framing and cushioning create the most comfortable spot in your mid mod home.

Blu Dot Bonnie Studio Sofa

The Bonnie Studio Sofa has the perfect dimensions for small space living.  Small in size, but big in comfort.  If you have a bit more living area, pair it with the Clyde armless sofa for a hip sectional.

Modernica Cloud Loveseat

Wow!  A cutting edge modern design and ultimate comfort are delivered to you with the Cloud Loveseat.  The unique shape will be a head turner.  Beautifully finished on all sides, this piece is comfortable floating in the center of the room and demanding attention.

Gus Modern Jane Loft Bi-Sectional

Check out the Loft Jane Bi-Sectional.  It is a sectional that is scaled for small space living.  The tufted cushioning brings some swanky retro charm to your home.

Mash Studios LAX-Series Wall Mounted Desk

This is the perfect item for that small apartment or studio.  No legs create an uncluttered look.  Secure it to the wall and utilize the space as a desk, display, or storage.  Put a mirror on it and it becomes a vanity.  The unique sliding door doesn't impede your living space.

Blu Dot 2D:3D Coat Rack

Add a pop of color and coolness to your new place.  The hooks fold up or down, depending on your specific needs.  It is a functional and modern necessity.  

Blomus Obar Kitchen Multi-Storage

Your kitchen area deserves some modern conveniences, too.  This multi-storage unit becomes control central for all the necessary items in your kitchen.  And, it's beautiful, too.

Blu Dot Peggy Mirror

Peggy is here to make your life a bit easier, and more stylish.  We all need a mirror and a place to hang our hat or purse.  The wood pegs add functional beauty to this modern mirror.

Vitra George Nelson Night Desk Clock

The beautiful George Nelson Night Desk Clock brings a retro aesthetic to your desk or nightstand.  The iconic silhouette brings some modern glamour to this every day accessory.

So there you have it.  Everything you or your little adult needs.  Stop in to Mod Livin' and take a look!