Sofa Love...

Sofa Love...

Published by Shawn on Mar 18th 2016

The sofa or sectional is the heart of your home, control central, and the main gathering place for friends and family. Whether you are playing video games with your posse, watching Netflix with your honey, or napping with Fido, you expect it to be comfortable and cozy. Modern comfort doesn’t mean over-stuffed lumpy furniture and flowery prints. No. It means top of the line materials and workmanship, and cushioning that will last. Only the coolest and most hip items for you, the Mod Livin’ customer.

I’ve asked the Mod Livin’ gang to tell me their favorite sofas or sectionals. It is not easy to choose….Mod Livin’ prides itself on the quality of every item. I twisted some arms and asked some trick questions, and these 5 items made the cut. If I ask the question again next week, I’m fairly certain I would get different answers. When there is so much glorious modern design around you, it can be extremely difficult to pick a favorite.

Here we go (in no particular order):

Gus Modern Spencer Loft Bi-Sectional

I adore the tufted cushioning of this piece. It has such a sexy and retro vibe. It is an incredibly versatile sectional, too….pull it apart and place the pieces separately, or use as a sectional and you’ve got the coolest place to hang out.

Bensen Canyon Large Sectional

The Canyon series is a stunner. Each piece is hand crafted and so comfy! Amazing color and fabric choices give you the ultimate control of your modern aesthetic. If you are lucky enough to have a huge living space, the large sectional will suit your space; if you live in a minimal space, the small sectional will fit the bill.

Blu Dot Bank 80 Sofa

Boy, do I love the lines of this sofa. It is a classic style with a modern twist. The piping gives it an elegant and sophisticated feel. The Bank Sofas come in several sizes, which mean there is a Bank Sofa that will suit your space to a T.

Modernica Cloud Couch Medium

Just look at it! Holy Coolness, Batman! I see this floating in the middle of room and demanding the attention it deserves. I want to sink in, and lounge. Lay down, and nap. Stand up, and STARE AT IT.

Gus Modern Margot Sofa

Here we have one of our new offerings….the stunningly gorgeous Margot. The deep rich tone of the available fabric options, and the amazingly comfortable cushioning make this gal a knockout.

That was just a teaser for you. Visit and check out all our sofas and sectionals.

If you are lucky enough to live in Denver (or visiting), stop in the showroom and you will see some amazing sofas and sectionals. It’s a fantastic opportunity for you to see the workmanship, comfort, and scale.