Vintage at Mod Livin'

Vintage at Mod Livin'

Published by Shawn on Mar 11th 2016

We have some magnificent vintage items here at Mod Livin’. Our vintage dealers, Beth and John, have keen eyes and amazing knowledge. From the super rare, to the fun and quirky, you never know what you will find.

"Vintage Select" highlights our amazing inventory of vintage MCM items.  Check out the website or, better yet - pop in the showroom and see what we have for you.  If Beth and John aren’t out on the elusive MCM hunt, they will be here to answer your questions and help you find an awesome piece of vintage furniture or a funky accessory that is the perfect piece of hipness for your swanky pad.

We are in the process of getting all of our vintage items loaded to the website.  To see the complete collection of Mod Livin' Vintage, surf on over to and see what we have!

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American Art Deco Chrome Lounge Chairs (attributed to Gilbert Rohde), 1930s:

Don’t these look incredibly comfortable?! These chairs feature black wraparound arm rests and new upholstery.

Three Piece Sectional/Daybed by Peter Hvidt and Orla Mogaard for France and Son, 1960s:

                      Three Piece Sectional

I adore this sectional. It is the perfect set for your Eichler home - or, let’s get real here - the home you live in that you WISH was an Eichler (I’m right there with you, people).

Teak Floating Partners Desk by Kai Kristensen, 1950s:

                 Teak Floating Partners Desk

I’m not gonna lie - every time I go to the Mod Livin’ showroom, I ogle this desk. Sometimes I pet it. It is truly that fabulous.

Catch-All by Sol Bloom, Reissue by Modernica, 1998:

                                Catch-All by Sol Bloom

Modernica reissued this iconic 1950s catch-all briefly in the mid 90s. I’m very tempted to grab this for myself. It would be the perfect catch-all to put next to my vintage camper door….hurry, I may not be able to resist.

Vintage Microphone & Stand, 1940s:

                                 Vintage Microphone and Stand

Get your retro funk on, people. There is something so cool about these old deco microphones. It is a conversation starter, as well as a great way to channel your inner crooner or diva; put on some vintage vinyl and practice in front of the mirror (you know you want to).

Long John Bench by Edward Wormley for Dunbar, 1950s:

                   Edward Wormly Bench

This is the quintessential 1950s furniture staple. This long and low bench, with sexy hairpin bent wood legs, is happy anywhere! Whether you need extra seating or extra table space.

Mid Century Architectural Bird Cage, 1960s:

                       MCM Bird Cage

I’m, seriously, thinking about getting some parakeets or a cockatiel just so I can have this hanging in my house. What lucky birds get to live here?!  And, honestly, if you don’t have birds, it’s still awesome as a decorative item.

WWII Aluminum Fighter Plane Awards 1940s:

                       WWII Fighter Plane Awards

These give me the chills. They are actual awards issued to a Lt. Colonel in Colorado Springs for shooting down enemy planes in 1943-1944. Besides being historically significant, they are incredibly beautiful.

Slatted Wood Dry Bar and 2 Bar Stools by Arthur Umanoff, 1960s:

               3 Piece Umanoff wood bar

This bar and barstool set is perfect for a tiki room, or cocktail area in your home. The stools are curvy and comfortable. It’s a great size for a small space, but can hold its own in a larger area.

Speed Chair by Paul Frankl, 1940s:

                       Paul Frankl Speed Chair

Last, but definitely not least….the Speed Chair. I KNOW. It is the epitome of MCM Cool. I want to sink into this chair, and never leave. Oh, and I want someone to make me a cocktail. THEN I’ll never leave.

That is a very small example of our vintage items. Of course, the inventory changes daily, and we may have sold some of these by the time this blog post hits the inter webs, so if you see a piece you just have to have, give us a call or come on in.