Let's Talk Lighting

Let's Talk Lighting

Published by Shawn on Feb 19th 2016

The correct lighting can make or break a space. We all have ceiling fixtures and table lamps in our home. Do they speak to your unique and modern style, or are they just a functional utilitarian accessory?

With our lighting choices, you can be sure every room in your home reflects your style while providing necessary illumination. This IS a shameless plug, but we know we have the coolest lighting fixtures to be had, and we just can’t keep that to ourselves - we are nice like that. Below are some of our favorites:

Sadie Pendant by Nuevo Living:

Nuevo Living Sadie Pendant

This 9 globe pendant is stunning! It’s got a sleek and sexy vibe. It would be spectacular above a modern dining table, or set the mood and hang it above your bed. It comes in 3 metallic finishes, which mean it will blend seamlessly with your current decor. I, literally, can’t take my eyes off this pendant. I can't be sure, but I think it’s flirting with me.

Rook Table Lamp by Blu Dot:

Blu Dot Rook Table Lamp

Talk about cute! This little wonder is versatile and happy anywhere: your bedside table, your dorm desk, the home office, the kitchen counter. It's a simple design that packs a lot of punch. Quirky and stout, functional and fun. It is a show-off, too….stand it on one leg, and marvel at the balance and gracefulness of this little garden gnome. Another top seller, come on in and check Rook out for yourself.

Swing Arm Lamp by Gus* Modern:

Gus Modern Swing Arm Lamp

Do you have a small space? Or a space where there is no room for a table or floor lamp but you need some light? This industrial and chic swing arm lamp is just the ticket. It's pared down to the bare bones, yet retains its modern elegance. The clear filament light bulb ensures that you will get the light you need. Also, perfect for the office or dorm room. It’s got a “mad scientist” vibe, but in a good way :-).

Satyr Pendant by Viso:

Viso Satyr Pendant

This particular pendant light is not for everyone. It is surprising and bold and a bit on the dark side. I find it fascinating. Imagine the mood it creates! The cool thing about this statement piece? Viso will make a shade out of your own artwork. Now, how cool is that?

The String Pendant by Nuevo Living:

Nuevo Living String Pendant

Make a bold statement in your foyer, above your bed, or over your dining table. Hang several in succession or in a cluster and things get serious. The unique construction provides a soft diffused light that is romantic, warm, and unobtrusive. It's a top seller, and on display in the showroom. With many sizes available, the String Light is appropriate for any area in your home.

Light Bench by Pablo:

Pablo Light Bench

Now, this is not your typical lighting fixture. A bench that is a light. A light that is a bench. WHAT??? I see this at the foot of a bed, glowing and seductive. Or, perhaps in your entryway, as a fun and unexpected place to drop your keys or put on your shoes. If you want to make a statement, and thrill visitors to your modern home, consider the Pablo Light Bench.

So there you have it: A small taste of the great lighting solutions we have for you at Mod Livin’. Take a look at our complete lighting selection on ModLivin.com. We have so many jaw dropping and cutting edge designs, you will be amazed.