Mod Livin’ in the Wild!

Mod Livin’ in the Wild!

Published by Shawn on Feb 13th 2018

We are proud to say that here at Mod Livin_Colfax and Mod Livin_ RiNo WE HAVE THE MOST AMAZING CUSTOMERS!!!  Not only do we get to work around some of the most beautiful furnishings, but we also get to meet the most interesting and cool people!  

A couple weeks ago I sent out a plea to our customers:  Please share with us a photo of your favorite Mod Livin purchases - New or Vintage.  You see - we get to know you.  We learn about your home and your family, and then you leave us.  This makes the ModTeam feel a bit lonely, and a bit melancholy.  We miss you!  We are left wondering how our amazing furniture and accessories look in your mod home.  I’m happy to announce that I received several responses, and will be sharing them below :-).  

Periodically, I will post updates that we receive from our customers.  If you’d like to have your favorite Mod Livin’ item highlighted on our blog, please send a photo and brief description to 


And without further ado - Check these out:

First up:

Amy purchased this Blu Dot Dang 1 Door / 3 Drawer Credenza in Marine Blue.  

In her own words:  “Please see the attached photo of our Bludot credenza purchased at Mod Livin RiNo for our neighborhood loft. The staff was so wonderful!  Craig sold us the piece and it is certainly our favorite retail spot :)”. 

We think this console looks pretty fabulous, Amy!  Thanks for sharing!!

Jon and Ladonna:  “We drove up from Colorado Springs yesterday & picked up our lovely GUS* MODERN Carmichael bed, and while there, we fell in love with this set from Broyhill Brazilia dresser & nightstands....looks so great!!! Happy to give them a new home, we love Modlivin!!

We love you, too, Jon and Ladonna!!  Thanks for showing us how beautiful the new Gus Modern Carmichael Bed and the vintage Broyhill set blend in your mod home!

And finally for this installment of Mod Livin’ in the Wild:  Mark - all the way from Garden City, KS!!!

“Hi Shawn,

My name is Mark, and I'm from Garden City, KS.  Though I'm 312 miles from Denver, I'm in the metro area as often as I can make the drive.

I first found the original Mod Livin' on Colfax right after Jill opened it becoming one of it's initial customers. Each time I make it to Denver, I visit Mod Livin' to see what interesting things it has for me.

Over the years, I've purchased a few items. Not as many as I would have liked but one's "humble abode" can only hold so much! But I do have one favorite Mod Livin' purchase that's particularly special to me ... a Kareem Horn Chair that I purchased in April of 2006. It was in excellent condition for a vintage piece.

I have had it in several locations in both an apartment right after purchasing the chair, and in my childhood mid-century home which I have owned since 2007. I've attached a photo of it in my bedroom along with one of the pieces  of my Broyhill Brasilia bedroom set. Even after owning my Mod Livin' Karpen Horn Chair for the past nearly 12 years, the chair is still just as supple and comfortable to sit in as it is gorgeous to look at!

Every time I look at or sit in this chair, I think of Mod Livin' and it reminds me to make sure I stop in to check out what else might be waiting for me when I'm in Denver.

See you next time I'm in Denver (probably in February!),


Wow, Mark!  Thank you for being such a dedicated Mod Livin’ customer! We think you are pretty fabulous, too.  We can’t wait to see you again!  Be sure to check out the new store at 2936 Larimer, Denver, next time you’re in town (be sure to come see us at the Colfax store, too!!).

To see more of our vintage items check us out on 1stDibs

We have some pretty amazing customers!  We love love love seeing what becomes of our furnishings out “in the wild”, and we LOVE hearing from you!  Remember - if you’d like us to feature your Mod Livin’ items in your home, shoot me an email with photos and brief description.

You guys rock!