Mod Livin' Loves Mom

Mod Livin' Loves Mom

Published by Shawn on Apr 29th 2016

Is there anybody better than dear ole Mom?  She birthed you, dressed you, scolded you, laughed and cried with you.  Mom's are the best.  On the best day and the worst day, she is there to cheer you on and lift you up.  Mother's Day is almost here!  Don't be THAT kid....the one that forgot.  You know you are her favorite, but that could change in the blink of an eye if your bratty sister or brother remembers and you forget.  Have no always, Mod Livin's got your back.  Here are some fantastic gifts that will protect your "favorite kid" status.  You are welcome.

Blomus Alpha Decanting Carafe

Momma likes her wine.  Whether it is coming from a bottle or a box, the beverage of choice will impress and delight when served in this Blomus Decanting Carafe.  Besides being functional, it is beautiful to look at.  Cheers!

                   George Nelson Ball Clock - Multi

For the Mom that appreciates style and punctuality, the Vitra George Nelson Ball Clock is a safe bet.  I love the multi colored clock, but it is available in other colors and styles.  Check out our complete line of George Nelson Clocks.

Blomus Menoto Towel Stand

Draw your Mom a lovely bubble bath - have the wine on standby and this beautiful towel stand stocked with fluffy towels.  Turn down the lights and disappear.  She deserves a spa day, and no one said she can't experience it in her own home.

Serralunga Inorbita Planter

Moms love a beautiful garden.  Make her day really pop with a colorful Inorbita planter from Serralunga.  Feeling even more love for mom?  Add her favorite plant or flower, and you are golden.

Gus Modern Halifax Lounge Chair

Ah!  Lounging....Mom doesn't get a whole lot of time for it.  A bright, colorful and relaxing lounge chair will make her day and give her an excuse to relax.  

That is a just a few of our fantastic finds for Mother's Day.  Stop in and visit with our knowledgeable staff, or search  We know how special your Mom is, and it is our privilege to assist you in finding the perfect gift.