Shiny Like a Penny!

Shiny Like a Penny!

Mar 4th 2016

Find a penny, pick it up, all day long you'll have good luck.

That's how the saying goes right?

There is something about the color of copper that takes me back to that childhood saying and makes me remember just how many pennies I did collect. Did it give me more luck? Nine out of ten times I would say no but that didn't mean that I stopped believing every time I scooped down to pick up one of those copper luck holders.

Mod Livin' has decided to showcase their own luck with the Blu Dot Real Good Copper chair and Scamp Small table. Both of these pieces have a bit of a rustic feel to them but carry the modern gene. They pick up the light and gleam a copper hue when the sun hits just right. These beautiful pieces are in the showroom so if you get the chance, make sure to stop in and wish for a little bit of luck.

Stop in the showroom to check out these copper beauties!