Spring is in the air at Mod Livin’

Spring is in the air at Mod Livin’

Published by Shawn on Mar 27th 2019

There is something in the air....happiness and sunshine!  It’s Spring - and Spring has sprung at Mod Livin’!  This long winters nightmare is over! (well, we can always dream, right?). It’s a balmy 70 degrees in Denver, CO today which has me thinking about backyard BBQs, planting a garden, playing with the dogs in the yard, and lounging on my back patio - just being OUTSIDE - sipping on a cool beverage.  In shorts.  And flip flops.  Who’s with me?

If your outdoor furniture is less than inspiring, or has lived well past it’s prime, don’t despair!  Mod Livin’s got you covered.   Whether you have a small balcony or large yard, we can help you find the perfect outdoor seating and decor.   

Below is a brief snapshot of our favorite brands and pieces.  Be sure to check out modlivin.com to see it all!

Blu Dot’s “Hot Mesh” Line is always a top seller and customer favorite. Powdercoated punched metal is not only beautiful - it can withstand the elements.  It is available in 9 vibrant colors, which means you can find the perfect color for your personal taste and space.  My personal favorite is the Hot Mesh Lounge Chair and Ottoman.  I have it in my backyard year-round and it has been known to accompany me on a few camping trips.  A girl's gotta camp in style, after all.

Hello, beautiful.   Modernica has some amazingly gorgeous offerings for your outdoor space.  Not the least of which is the #22 Lounge Chair & Ottoman.  Modernica revitalized Hendrik Van Keppel and Taylor Green's iconic 22 Line.  It was originally made with World War II surplus steel tubing and cotton rope.  Modernica has updated the materials with powder coated stainless steel and nautical grade rope, and the same attention to detail that Modernica is known for.  Visit modlivin.com to see more of Modernica's outdoor furniture.

Hey, Hey, Hey!  Who knew tables could be so much fun?  Blu Dot - that's who!  These are available in varying sizes and heights and in 4 colors!  They are so cool nestled with each other.  These are powder coated aluminum (not heavy! - yay!) and they have adjustable feet for uneven surfaces.  What's not to love??  

These are not your parent's backyard planters - you know the ones I'm talking about - ugly and stained terracotta (usually cracked), or mismatched plastic abominations from the big box store.  NO.  These are MODERNICA Case Study Planters.  As usual, Modernica brings high style, design, and function to your outdoor space. There are so many sizes, shapes, and colors to choose from!  Your plants will thank you. 

Rectangular teak slats and a matte white aluminum frame create a stunning vision from Blu Dot's Perch Line of outdoor furniture.  Kick up your backyard seating a notch or two.  The teak slats give these pieces a 360 degree beauty profile - there isn't a bad angle or vantage point with this stuff.   Man - what's that like, I wonder?  Be forewarned - you will have the swankiest and most comfortable patio - people won't want to leave.  Plan ahead.  

That was just a small sampling of what we have for you!  Be sure to check out modlivin.com for more.  Of course, we love when our customers come by in person to see us!  We always have a few one of a kind pieces, ever changing vintage items, and accessories that we don't carry on our website.  

Ask us about our 10% local discount!!!